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The dream is the cause of the persistent pursuit of development and, HongLing, a record surge high and sweep forward change unpredictably market competition; more records of HongLing understanding and desire to dream.
HongLing not full, HongLing march forward courageously, in the dream of success on the road, HongLing from weak to strong, from strong to excellent, preferred to ... ... This dream is dependent on the dare to consciousness first person, from the spirit of hard-working, based on scientific and technological innovation to, thanks to the global! HongLing served as an example, audio-visual industry monument, temperament, HongLing and brilliance of the same common source.
In the past, HongLing today, and the future development of a broader, we always adhere to the "people-oriented, pragmatic, forge ahead in unity, change and innovation " business philosophy, adhere to the scientific and technological innovation of the road of the brand, research and development focused on electrical appliances product and production, and strive to HongLing brand to become world famous appliance brand.
I believe, through HongLing people unremitting efforts, in the new and old customers and friends from all walks of life support and help, HongLing will be brilliant! -- HongLing dreams come true.

ADDRESS£º Hong Ling Industrial Park,Furong Avenue, Huadu District,Guangzhou City,China.

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