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55 inch TV era into the mainstream How to choose not to worry about

Zhongguancun online Original] The author:

Liu feng lin

| Coordinating editor: li Yang

Screen size is the most direct users to a TV stand or fall of the judgment standard, is also the key factors that affect the user experience.Screen, big enough to amplify TV image should be fixed extent, users to watch will be more clear.The area of the screen can also occupy the human eye is more, to create a more vivid immediacy.In addition, domestic TV is put in the home also can improve the style of the sitting room.

Liquid crystal display technology is very mature now, domestic price is already very close to the TV, users to buy the TV size is bigger and bigger.But for the area of the sitting room in the home, and the high price of resemble supersized TV, most of the size of the average household buy TV is given priority to with 55 inches.The size of the TV is also regarded as average family sitting room is the most appropriate.

Big screen is to amplify TV image, but also enlarge the television images of pixels.Under the condition of invariable resolution, the screen get congress to make image particles are obvious, images appear relatively rough, seriously affect the image quality.The emergence of 4 k super clear resolution, can be said to be saved the screen TV's the problem.It can provide 4 times the 1080 p resolution, let more exquisite picture, show more image details.Even if the screen reach 55 inches or more, can also have a very clear picture.

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