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The company always regards human resource management is the first important step of the whole enterprise management. Adhere to the " people-oriented " management philosophy, adhere to the " accountability, can a reasonable salary is reasonable, " the management policy, provide good career stage for the employees. We implement the employment mechanism, through internal and external selection activated unexpectedly hires talent deposit layer, promote talent talent showing itself, to realize the effective human resources development and rational allocation.

In addition, the company established a complete set of management system in the introduction, absorption, cultivation and use of talent manage

ment. The salary and welfare treatment, training, evaluation of professional titles and other series of measures, and constantly improve the quality of staff, optimizing the personnel structure.
Hong Ling always adhere to the " people ", " education" and " Li " the principle of combining, the individual employee occupation career planning into the enterprise training track, let the staff to promote enterprise to achieve strategic objectives in the service of the enterprise at the same time, also in accordance with the clear occupation development target, accept all kinds of training, achieve individual development of higher the.

In the post promotion, the employment of important jobs, provide the longitudinal development space to the employees; job, the job design into a stretch of strong, make each job bear more of the content of the work, actively encourage employees to transverse development, cultivating compound talents, give everyone realize self-development space the value of the.

"Wide world of excellence, and create a rainbow Ling hongye ".
Hong Ling electrical appliances in the personnel recruitment, follow the " integrity of both" principle, if the following conditions you have to be here, " play ", we sincerely invite you to join us, and for our mutual business success.
"People-oriented talent strategy "

Our people-oriented, talent is the largest capital enterprises, promote common development of enterprises and employees, every employee has the respect and the desire to achieve self-worth, to this end, the company actively advocated "people-oriented, the system for the protection, to the team as the premise, equality, trust " enterprise culture and to carry out the talent strategy.

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